2nd Edition
Volume 3


Let’s talk Cross-selling

Cross selling is a great way to organically increase your average ticket sale. In contrast to upselling, where you are attempting to get the consumer to increase the value of the product they are getting, cross selling encourages the consumer to add something to what they already wanted. It can be as simple as a lighter for someone who is purchasing bud, or a CBD tincture for someone who is buying edibles. Ultimately, cross selling introduces customers to new product they may not have thought to try before and expands their horizons, potentially creating more repeat sales. It also shows the well-roundedness of Budtenders to be able to offer complimentary products.

New Products

Elevated Terpene Cartridges

What are they and why do you need them?

At Rugged Roots, we pride ourselves on pushing the plant forward and always providing a unique consumer experience.

As we all know, there are many factors that contribute to the overall effects of cannabis, not the least of which is the terpene content of the product.

Terpenes are the taste and smell of the plant and play a significant role in the entourage effect of cannabis and its therapeutic benefits.

Terpenes also happen to be one of the most volitial components of the plant.

We have developed a method to preserve a terpene content higher than can be found anywhere else!

It is live resin, made from live material, but we took it one step further.

Our Elevated Terpene Cartridges (ETC) are the closest experience you can find to smoking the actual flower, just more convenient and discreet.

Free Training Material

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