2nd Edition
Volume 4th

A little look into Cannabis History

CLICK the picture to view a brief video. The Cannabis plant has quite the story. With 420 coming up in couple months, we wanted to delve into some Cannabis History. From being a common medicine, to being a black market staple, to finding a legal footing again, Cannabis has come a long way.

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Strain Spotlight: Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is certainly making it’s mark in the Adult Use and Medical world. Having won Leafly’s strain of the year, she is not slowing down and we’re happy to offer her as a staple product for you!She tastes just like she smells, with notes of gelato gas and tanginess. Your customers will enjoy a head high that’ll have you feeling good and ready to move right on to the couch!

Permanent Marker is an Indica Dominant Hyrbid. She’s (Biscotti x Sherb BX) x Jealousy bred by Seedjunky.